On Fri, Feb 12, 2016 at 02:35:50PM -0500, Doug Torrance wrote:
> Since it's been a week, I figured I would inquire...

yeah, don't be shy ;)

> Is uploading to mentors and opening an RFS bug CC'ed to the list the
> correct way to request a sponsorship of a new JavaScript package?  I
> know that some other teams have other methods (e.g., PET, SoB).

The team has no active sponsorship program, so what you did it's fine.
I'm personally an active "random sponsor" that is taking care of all
RFSes, but ITPs are really long and dunting, so they may take a while.
Not to say that there are really few DDs looking at RFSes.

> If it's merely that no one's had time to get around to it yet, then
> that's fine too.  :)

I'm going to look at it now :)

> P.S.  The packaging is also in git:
> https://anonscm.debian.org/git/pkg-javascript/knowl.js.git

Good to know, please next time you open a RFS report this in that bug
too, I and also others prefer to review sponsor out of git repositories
instead of messing around with tarballs from mentors when possible!

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