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Quoting Peter Spiess-Knafl (2016-04-14 22:42:54)
> I am currently considering to package sigal [1], a static site 
> generator for image galleries, written in python.
> It depends on some embedded javascript libraries, most of them are 
> already packaged in Debian, except for galleria.io [2]
> I have no experience yet in maintaining JavaScript libraries for 
> Debian and would like to ask if someone would be willing to 
> team-/comaintain galleria.io with me.
> A quick look at the source seemed DFSG compliant
> I guess it is a good idea to package it as a separate library, rather 
> than keeping the embedded version of the maintainer.

I agree that this team is quite suitable place for maintaining 
javascript packages, even if bundled upstream with other frameworks.

And yes , it is plain wrong to ship the galleria.io as part of sigal 
project: It is just not part of that project!  So even if you choose to 
not maintain it in this team, you will still need to maintain it as a 
separate package tied to its own separate upstream.

Specifically, however, I decline to help look after galleria.io 
packaging, however - I am involved in way too many packages already.

Any others in this team wanting to help and team up with Peter?

 - Jonas

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