On Sun, 19 Jun 2016, Jérémy Lal wrote:

> After further reading, i think (but i'm still quite confused about
> multiarch)

(who isn’t…)

> there might be some complication with the fact node c++ addons are
> linked against the binary /usr/bin/nodejs.
> (This situation will improve with the ability to build a shared libnode.so,
> but it's not even released and probably won't be backported to current 4.x)

That’s a bit ouch, and pretty much a blocker, and (as far as my
understanding of M-A goes) the shared library would be a fix.

Helmut, can we do anything about this? I was thinking about a
Provides for the plugin ABI on the binary package, or even a
dummy package, like this (pseudocode, shortened)… actually, it
already Provides the ABI, so we can probably rotate things:


Package: nodejs
Depends: ${shlib:Depends}
Architecture: i386
Provides: nodejs-abi-46


Package: nodejs
Depends: ${shlib:Depends}
Architecture: i386
Multi-Arch: foreign

Package: nodejs-abi-46
Architecture: i386
Depends: nodejs (= ${some:version})

Does this even work?

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