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I use a variety of NodeJS-based tools for frontend development, and I'd
like to start working on packaging these for Debian. I have contributed to
Debian in the past [0], but only Perl libraries and applications as part of
the pkg-perl team, and I've been out of action for awhile, so my knowledge
is out of date. I'm familiar with the usual tools: debhelper, sbuild, and
lintian, but have not used git-buildpackage yet.

I'm seeking someone to be my mentor and co-maintainer/sponsor for the
following libraries and applications that I'd like to package (in no
particular order):

* Gulp
* Bower
* Visual Studio Code
* Atomic Cockpit (a Red Hat project. Disclosure: I am currently employed by
Red Hat)

Does anybody on the team have a particular interest in having any of these
packaged for Debian?  I expect that all these projects have quite a few
dependencies, so it'll be a long-term undertaking.

Thank you!


[0] https://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=jawnsy%40cpan.org&comaint=yes
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