I don't have a stretch box handy, but /usr/bin/compile-modules comes from the node-es6-module-transpiler package. Testing has node-es6-module-transpiler version, which depends on node-ast-util (in testing 0.6.0-1), which depends on node-ast-types (in testing 0.9.0-1).

Things get interesting there : node-ast-types 0.9.0-1 has no RC bug for itself, but triggers errors in other packages! See #835704, about a FTBFS in node-ast-util, for example.

You don't have the typical message of this problem (a missing ./fork module), but my guess is that whenever an exception is triggered in compile-modules, that is treated by printing the help, thus hiding the real issue.

I prepared node-ast-types 0.9.0-2 for unstable today -- can you check it makes your FTBFS for node-es6-promise vanish?


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