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On Mon, Sep 12, 2016 at 02:14:13PM -0700, Alex Jordan wrote:
> (Please CC me on replies, as I'm not subscribed.)
> Hi,
> I'm writing to inquire whether there's anyone interested in
> backporting `nodejs` and related packages from Debian Stretch to
> Debian Jessie.
> This would be incredibly useful to us in the [][1] project as a
> lot of public (and private) pump nodes run on Debian, and Node.js 0.10
> (currently shipped in Jessie) is unideal for a number of
> reasons. Specifically, our new anti-XSS scrubber is really, really
> great, but it only runs on Node 4.x and up. Anyone running on Debian's
> `nodejs` gets the old, more invasive one. Also, if you run the pump
> server without a reverse proxy (which we recommend) under 0.10, you
> can't use any TLS cipher suites that provide forward secrecy.
> I'd take this on myself, but unfortunately I have neither the time nor
> the technical skills to do so :(
> So, would anyone be willing to do this?
> (It's my understanding that requests for backports are OK on this
> list, but if not, please accept my apologies.)
> Thanks so much!
> AJ (aka strugee)
>  [1]:

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