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Quoting Paul Gevers (2016-09-14 20:53:40)
> [I am aware that this has probably been discussed before, but I fail 
> to find the right discussion in the archive. Please point me to it if 
> you know where it is.]
> I am currently preparing for a new major upstream version of my 
> package cacti (which I hope will be able to meet the stretch freeze). 
> Upstream has already for a long time been using jquery, and I have 
> been able to use the Debian package as my dependency. The next major 
> version "needs to avoid jQueryUI 1.2 as it's currently a hot stinking 
> mess."┬╣
> AFAIUI due to the nature of how the javascript eco-system works, it is 
> not trivial to "follow" newer versions. Could you please let me know 
> what the roadmap┬▓ of the javascript maintainer team is for the jquery 
> package and to jquery related packages. I see there is a 3.0 version 
> in experimental, but it is unclear to the outside world (and to me) 
> when that will migrate to unstable. Should I instead prepare for a 
> convenience copy of jquery (and related scripts), which I would really 
> hate to do?

I strongly recommend against embedding jquery into the cacti package: 
You will then effectively take responsibility for maintaining the code 
(albeit only for compatibility with that one package, but with full 
coverage of eventual security flaws), and it would be far better if you 
instead joined the effort of maintaining the proper packaging.

The Javascript team is only loosely coordinated: Not all of us nurse all 
of the packages in the team.

Personally I dislike jquery so am not involved in that.

As I recall, maintenance of jquery in particular has lagged behind a lot 
in the past.  So any and all help would be much appreciated.

 - Jonas

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