On 09/21/2016 11:34 AM, Jérémy Lal wrote:
> 2016-09-21 10:24 GMT+02:00 Emilio Pozuelo Monfort <po...@debian.org>:
>> I see you dropped support for armel in #818552 and requested the removal
>> of the outdated armel binaries. That's fine. However, nodejs doesn't
>> migrate to testing because the lack of armel binaries breaks a number
>> of packages that depend on nodejs on armel:
>> trying: nodejs
>> skipped: nodejs (15, 0, 81)
>>     got: 68+546: a-3:i-18:a-0:a-11:a-0:m-0:m-0:p-35:p-0:s-1:m-546
>>     * armel: node-almond, node-groove, node-iconv, node-leveldown,
>> node-node-expat, node-sqlite3, node-topcube, node-websocket, node-ws,
>> node-xmlhttprequest, qtwebchannel5-examples
>> Those need to get their armel binaries removed as well.
> Thank you for your help, at some point i believed the request for removal
> implied removal of dependencies as well.
> Should i make another removal request ? Would you like to do it ? I'm
> super-busy right now.

I've filed the RM bugs for the affected packages, some more may be
required for their reverse dependencies.

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