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On 21-10-16 06:55, Daniel Lo Nigro wrote:
> Given the amount of complexity stemming from Debian renaming this binary
> and the fact that it breaks parts of the Node.js ecosystem, is there any
> chance it will be renamed back to "node" in the future, or for
> /usr/bin/node to be symlinked to /usr/bin/node (perhaps using the
> update-alternatives system to allow the user to choose whether they want
> to symlink nodejs or ax25-node, in case they have both installed)?

In Debian, we have the package nodejs-legacy which provides the symlink
you request. Please read the description. Apart from text describing
fact that no official Debian package may depend on it, it also contains
a link to the technical committee ruling on how this came about. As the
ax25-node package still exist, I see no chance at all that the current
situation will change.

As ax25-node and nodejs don't provide the same functionality, using the
update-alternaives system is not appropriate.


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