this looks annoyingly like #835581, which I fixed a month ago. I checked your build log and saw node-ast-types 0.9.0-2 was used... and that was this version which got #835581 fixed.

I removed my pbuilder base.tgz and created one anew to check the node-es6-promise 3.2.2+ds-1 build : no problem. That means I can't reproduce the FTBFS, which makes debugging annoying.

Notice that node-es6-module-transpiler, which is used to compile this version of node-es6-promise :

(1) has code to dump its usage text whenever something goes wrong, which effectively hides the real problem -- last time I had a clue and could still fix accordingly. Here I would modify /usr/bin/compile-modules by hand to remove the exception catching... if only I could reproduce the problem!

(2) is deprecated in favor of other module transpilers (babel or esperanto) which we don't have in Debian (and are unlikely to have anytime soon :-( )

The next version of node-es6-promise uses yet another module transpiler, "rollup", to compile itself. I tried to package it (precisely to update node-es6-promise), but rollup depends on rollup, and upstream didn't answer my request for a bootstrap path yet.

In short: things look stuck :-/

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