Hi Jochen (cc the bugreport),

[please follow up via the public bugreport rather than discretely]

Quoting Jochen Sprickerhof (2016-10-26 10:51:09)
> * Jonas Smedegaard <jo...@jones.dk> [2016-10-25 19:27]:
> > If you have uploaded with delay, feel free to re-upload without 
> > delay (the package is - or should be - listed in LowThresholdNMU at 
> > our wiki).
> Did so, thanks for the quick reply.

Yes, I noticed.  Thanks again!

Also, if you are interested in helping maintain the package generally, 
then feel free to join the javascript team and add yourself in the 
"Uploader:" field (yes, no matter if technically you do anything but 
exactly upload).

> Can you push the changes to the git repo? (Sorry for asking, I'm still 
> new to this).

Yes, don't worry: I will include the patch when I get around to it later 
(if you don't do it first - see above). :-)

 - Jonas

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