Hi Axel, haskell-hoogle maintainers,

Le 31/10/2016 à 13:25, Axel Beckert a écrit :
> David Prévot wrote:
>> Package: libjs-chosen
>> Version: 0.9.11-2
>> Severity: serious
>> Tags: sid stretch
>> [ Filled as an RC-bug by the maintainer to see the package auto-removed
>>   from testing. ]
>> I packaged libjs-chosen as used by owncloud, but owncloud is going away,
>> see #816376. There is a priori little point to ship libjs-chosen in the
>> next Debian stable release.

> JFTR: The recent hoogle update pulled this in. So it seems no more
> useless but now even has reverse dependencies again. :-)

Thank you Axel for the heads up. I guess someone (maybe from the
hoogle team) will want to take over the maintenance. Feel free to remove
me from Uploaders when you do.



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