On Tue, Nov 01, 2016 at 02:05:48PM +0100, Paolo Greppi wrote:
> The Developer Information (PTS) link on packages.d.o should point to
> tracker then since packages.qa.d.o is misleading.


> One thing I like in the old packages.qa.do is that you can subscribe a
> package by simply providing an email address, whereas in the new one if
> you click "Subscribe" it brings you to a login page.

You can actually do it with tracker.d.o too, just that there is no web
interface for that.  You can email cont...@tracker.debian.org to do
that, with the same syntax of the old PTS (actually that forms just send
an email on your behalf too).
More: packages.qa.d.o doesn't deal with subscription anymore, all emails
are forwarded to tracker.d.o; you can inspect the header of the email
you are receiving to check that.
(personally, I prefer handling my subscription through tracker.d.o web
interface, btw, but it could be just me)

Anyway, uploaded!  Thanks for your contribution to Debian!
Please open a new thread once your happy with whatever you'd like to
upload then :)

                        Mattia Rizzolo

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