Control: retitle 843021 RFP: node-yarn -- a fast, reliable, and secure
package manager for Node.js

The command:
  npm2deb depends -b -r yarn
currently reports that 38 node modules are missing.

The situation is at the same time somewhat better than that, and much
worse that that.

node-gyp is actually already present
( this seems to me a npm2deb
bug (see

Some of the missing modules are being worked at:
- os-homedir, ITP open since Tue, 18 Oct 2016
- regenerator-runtime: ITP open since
Wed, 2 Nov 2016
- doctrine: ITP open since Sun, 16 Oct 2016
- js-tokens: ITP open since Tue, 1 Nov 2016
- buffer-shims: ITP open since Sun, 16 Oct

Ans some can be skipped:
- cmd-shim: should be required only on windows
- leven: node-fast-levenshtein is in debian and it should be easy to
patch yarn to use that instead (or ask ustream, since fast-levenshtein
seems more popular than leven)
- readable-stream: according to this closed ITP "The Stream module in
nodejs v4.2.1 (LTS) is now stable. ... you can just patch to use stream
instead of readable-stream."

This leaves us with 19 modules.

But one of these is acorn, for which the closed RFA reports:
"... this package depends on browserify ... so getting this packaged may
take some time. ... the package acorn has just been removed from the
Debian archive unstable"

For the other 18 see the attachment.

The conclusion is that this package has to wait for browserify, see and

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