Quoting Ross Gammon (2016-11-12 10:26:55)
> I am working on finalising the new kosmtik package, and it depends on 
> node- request (>= 2.64.0). Currently only 2.26.1 is in Debian, and 
> upstream have released 2.78.1.
> Would it be possible to have a new version? I can see 5 reverse dependencies,
> but I haven't checked them:
> npm
> node-ytdl-core
> node-gyp
> node-pre-gyp
> node-millstone
> node-jsdom
> I would be happy help with the update if you prefer.

You are quite welcome to help in any way you can.

You are also welcome to repackage, if you are uncomfortable with its 
current CDBS packaging style.  If you do that, then just beware that you 
will effectively take over maintenance, as I am not comfortable with 
short-form dh packaging style.  But arguably that would be no big loss 
anyway :-/

 - Jonas

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