On Tuesday 22 November 2016 10:53 PM, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> Ah, I understand you now: You present breakage when using code not in 
> Debian.  Quite confusing - please *always* mention explicitly in 
> bugports when using non-Debian packages!

Sorry, that was mostly meant a self note (I should have explicitly
mentioned it).

I ran uscan, imported the new upstream release, built the package and
got the error when running it.

> I only asked whether or not it was related - I did not imply it was not.
> I was genuinely confused by your terse writing style.
> Another point of confusion was that a different topic was used in the 
> email than in original bugreport topic.  I was unaware (until digging 
> into archive, when in above latest post you still didn't elaborate much) 
> that was a wishlist bug, so assumed that your presenting code failing 
> was to be treated seriously.
> With the best of intentions,

Sorry about doubting your intentions, but that came as a result of so
much comments on -devel about packaging so many tiny node modules. Since
you already commented before to start with packaging yargs I thought it
would be enough.

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