2016-11-24 0:42 GMT+01:00 Joerg Jaspert <jo...@debian.org>:
> On 14500 March 1977, Michael Prokop wrote:
>>> > Overall, I'm not sure we are providing our users something good with
>>> > the current situation. Though what realistic options do we have get
>>> > forward here? Any thoughts?
> It neither helps Users nor Debian.
>>> Most, if not all, npm dependencies are shipped by upstream "bundled",
>>> meaning they actually take care of updating the dependencies when
>>> doing a release of npm. That means it would be maintainable (and
>>> certainly much easier to do so) by simply distributing all the
>>> bundled submodules as part of the npm debian package - and by
>>> considering the release tarball to be the one distributed on upstream
>>> website, and not the one tagged from the git repository.
> Hrm.
>>> If ftp masters are all right with this, i'm willing to do the work.
> This is an ugly two sided sword.
> On the one side we do hate embedded code copies. For good reasons.
> On the other side the whole Javascript in Debian is a mess. And while I
> hate JS with a passion, thats not a nice thing to have such a mess.
> Now, until now, whenever those tons of little packages got a suggestion
> to make sensible and useful bundles, it got yelled down to "impossible",
> "bad", blabla.
> Which I can understand if it means doing it yourself.
> Which doesn't seem to be the case here. So taking such an upstream
> bundled package seems to be good.
> So yay, go for it.
> With a caveat or two:
>  - This is not a blanket for having embedded code copies all over the
>    place.
>    So yes, this should Provide: all those submodules and make them
>    usable by whoever depends on it.
>  - This must be rebuildable in Debian. That is, the package should, in
>    its source, contain what upstreams source uses to build its final
>    files. Ie. whatever their build script downloads to bundle the
>    files together. Not just the final
>    "browserified"/"mangled"/"whateverthecurrentspeakis" version only.
>    And be able to redo that build process using them.
>  - Good luck in listing the copyrights. :)

Totally agreed. Will try to wrap it this week-end.


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