On 14501 March 1977, Jérémy Lal wrote:
>>  - This is not a blanket for having embedded code copies all over the
>>    place.
>>    So yes, this should Provide: all those submodules and make them
>>    usable by whoever depends on it.

>>  - This must be rebuildable in Debian. That is, the package should, in
>>    its source, contain what upstreams source uses to build its final
>>    files. Ie. whatever their build script downloads to bundle the
>>    files together. Not just the final
>>    "browserified"/"mangled"/"whateverthecurrentspeakis" version only.
>>    And be able to redo that build process using them.

>>  - Good luck in listing the copyrights. :)
> Totally agreed. Will try to wrap it this week-end.

As it was only implicitly written, but should be mentioned: This isn't a
simple task...

 - If upstream deicdes to remove one of the bundled libs, which you have
   a provides for - and that provides is used in debian (has rdepends),
   you just earned a new package to maintain.

 - If upstream only ships minified/browserified/bla, you do have to get
   the real stuff into the package for the rebuildable part.

The latterwas probably clear, but the former can be a trap. Or maybe
not. Depends on how much the stuff gets used all over.
(In total its still the better solution, i think)

bye, Joerg

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