Ximin Luo:
> Paul Gevers:
>> Hi Ximin,
>> On 28-11-16 04:03, Debian FTP Masters wrote:
>>>  jquery-ui-themes (1.12.1+dfsg-1) unstable; urgency=medium
>>>  .
>>>    * New upstream release.
>>>    * Remove most redundant stuff from orig tarball.
>>>    * Add myself to Uploaders.
>> I looked into updating jquery-ui-themes myself, some weeks ago, but I
>> failed to find the upstream SOURCE of the package.ยน I don't think you
>> have either. I'd like to hear your opinion on my earlier message.
> Hi Paul, I don't really want to spend any further of my personal time with JS 

By the way, please keep me on CC, I am not subscribed to the list.


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