On തിങ്കള്‍ 21 നവംബര്‍ 2016 10:19 വൈകു, Pirate Praveen wrote:
> Some dependencies for gulp [1] declare dependencies like
> lodash.assignwith which current lodash package is not providing.
> Though this would require updating unglifyjs as current version throws
> and error when trying to generate these.

uglifyjs is updated to 2.7.4. Can someone help with this?

build:main (in package.json) succeeds

nodejs lib/main/build-dist.js

build:main-modules fails:
nodejs lib/main/build-modules.js

 nodejs lib/main/build-modules.js
    throw error;

Error: ENOTDIR: not a directory, unlink
    at Error (native)

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