I'm not sure about that,

npm2deb brings to some others, as is-callable, is-regex and one
build-dependencies, falafel.

following the falafel dependencies we get rollup and acorn as
dependencies, those are very complicating packaging.

On 04-12-2016 06:33, Ross Gammon wrote:
> Hi Lucas,
> How are you getting on with node-tape? We only have a month to get it into 
> Debian Stretch.
> For your information, the only dependency left for node-tape (as far as I 
> know) is node-has. Node has consists of the following two lines of code:
> var bind = require('function-bind');
> module.exports = bind.call(Function.call, Object.prototype.hasOwnProperty);
> It doesn't really make sense to create a whole package just for that. I was 
> planning to either patch node-tape so that it doesn't require node-has, or 
> just provide node-has as binary package of node-tape (in case other packages 
> want to use it - which I had not checked). I can't imaging node-has ever 
> changing that much upstream!
> Sorry for not documenting this issue earlier - busy.
> Regards,
> Ross

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