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I generally use ~ because upstream may re-release _same_ version but
with DFSG-violating pieces stripped.  Arguably that is dificult to do at
github but that is besides the point.

It is not difficult in github, you just have to remove a tag, push a new

But I don't think retroactively changing a release is a good idea or a
popular thing (do you know of any project that has done this?).

Our job is to distribute code from upstream.

When I use ~ then I allow upstream to use either approeach if they
decide to adopt our repackaging: Treat as a new version or as
repackaging of same version.

When I use + then I cannot support upstream that choose to repackage and
label it as being same version.

I have opinions on what upstream approach is the best practice to use,
but I do not want to cripple my packaging to not support other

It is not very useful to add extra steps (fix npm2deb or manually fix
every depending package) for this unlikely scenario.

If our tools do not support ~ then our tools are broken.

Example: If you want official Debian packages to also support
backports.debian.org then you will want to generally use ~ (and lintian
warns if you don't in some cases - e.g. when tracking C symbols).

- Jonas
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