On ചൊവ്വ 13 ഡിസംബര്‍ 2016 10:57 വൈകു, Paolo Greppi wrote:
> My next one is node-fined. It's ready on alioth, I can test here if I
> install node-parse-filepath and node-lodash-packages with dpkg -i (and
> everything seems fine).
> I cant' test yet with pkg-ruby-extras/build because those are still in
> the NEW queue ...

autopkgtest is failing (you can use 'adt-run ./ --- null' from package
source directory) because require('expect') fails, it should be

I'm not sure what is the best solution here, to patch or to fix
node-expect.js. For now, please patch and make autopkgtest pass.

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