Hi Paolo,

On  Mi 14 Dez 2016 23:01:16 CET, Paolo Greppi wrote:

I'd like to give this one a try, in the framework of the Debian
Javascript Maintainers team.

The new repo will be here (many thanks to Mike Gabriel for sharing his
previous work):

My current count of missing node-* packages is 9:
- require-kernel
- socket.io
- ueberdb
- express-session
- cheerio
- tinycon
- swagger-node-express
- jsonminify
- measured


Have you checked dependencies of dependencies? I'd be delighted if you could dive into this. Please note that I pushed work on require-kernel.js and socket.io to pkg-javscript Git just now. Not up-to-date, but something to start from, at least.


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