the repo on alioth is up to date and builds fine if you install locally
all the dependencies missing to date.

These are on the way:
  name                     ITP    RFS / NEW
- cli-width (^2.0.0)       849141 NEW today
- restore-cursor (^1.0.1)  849145 NEW today
- run-async (^2.2.0)       849147 NEW today

And these are pending (but the repos are up to date too):
- cli-cursor (^1.0.1)      849185 pending restore-cursor
- rx (^4.1.0)              848964 pending node-grunt-contrib-copy/uglify

We can't run the node-inquirer tests because they require mockery ...
but you can try it with:

  quilt push -a
  nodejs examples/pizza.js

It seems to work ...


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