On വെള്ളി 06 ജനുവരി 2017 12:04 വൈകു, abhi.kuvale...@yahoo.com wrote:
>  I have built 'md5-o-matic' package and I have made it lintian clean. I
> have tested it using 'sbuild'. I want to maintain it in future. I have
> pushed it to git.fosscommunity.in.  So I kindly request you to grant me
> access.
> Thank you.
> P.S.: The link to my project is:
> https://git.fosscommunity.in/abhishek/md5-o-matic

Some comments:

We usually create the git project with the name of the source package.
So this should be node-md5-o-matic when moved to alioth.

You can expand the description from README.md text.

You can enable tests by adding override_auto_tests target in
debian/rules. See package.json for the command to run tests.

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