On വെള്ളി 06 ജനുവരി 2017 12:39 വൈകു, Nupur Malpani wrote:
>  I have packaged "node-single-line-log". I have made sure that it is
> lintian clean and also tested with sbuild. 
> It is available on the repository :
> project-link:https://git.fosscommunity.in/malpaninupur/single-line-log.git
> I would like to have it sponsored.
> Appreciate your taking out time!

Some comments:

1. When you move this to alioth, rename it to node-single-line-log
2. You did not fix one lintian warning even though you cliam it is
lintian clean

W: node-single-line-log: description-too-long
N:    The first line of the "Description:" must not exceed 80 characters.

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