On 01/07/2017 02:12 PM, Pradnya Hulle wrote:
> I  have packaged node-cli-boxes. And I have made it lintian clean &
> build in sbuild. Please review and sponsor it.
> https://git.fosscommunity.in/Pradnya567/cli-boxes/tree/master
> <https://git.fosscommunity.in/Pradnya567/cli-boxes/tree/master>
The package is not lintian clean. I am getting below warnings.
W: node-cli-boxes source: changelog-should-mention-nmu
W: node-cli-boxes source: source-nmu-has-incorrect-version-number 1.0.0-1
W: node-cli-boxes: wrong-bug-number-in-closes l3:#nnnn
W: node-cli-boxes: new-package-should-close-itp-bug

Fix email id in control
Try to improve extended description.
Remove copyright year from Files: * as no year is mentioned in license file.
Add ITP, change UNRELEASED to experimental in changelog.

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