Hi Christoph,

thanks for your bug report.

> the build process for the datatables.js package uses static filenames
> in /tmp/, among them /tmp/closure_error.log which also does not get
> removed.

I see, you are absolutely right! There are definitely better ways to do
this on shared systems such as buildd machines.

> The much worse thing: The build does *not* catch that situation. Instead,
> the package is happily built with zero-sized files.


> The patch attached adds the usage of a random temporary directory that
> is cleaned up upon exit. Also the make.sh script now uses errexit. This
> should catch all unexpected errors during execution.

True. This looks like a much cleaner solution and is quite similar to
how I write most of my my autopkgtest scripts.

> According to diffoscope, the created binary packages are bitwise
> identical.

Sounds good, thanks for checking! I have forwarded the report to
upstream and also mentioned your patch.

>     Christoph, do not apply as-is

Do you mean 'do not apply the patch as-is'? If so, can you elaborate
please? Of course I understand that it's better to have upstream come up
with their own solution, but that doesn't mean that your patch isn't
helpful ;)

I'm not really sure about the 'grep "_buildInclude('"
DataTables.js.build >&2' line in make.sh though -- is it really
required or just a debugging relic?


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