Quoting Sebastiaan Couwenberg (2017-01-29 14:56:41)
> On 01/29/2017 02:31 PM, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
>> Quoting ano...@users.sourceforge.net (2017-01-29 14:12:59)
>>> I've been unable to upgrade nodejs and nodejs-dev thanks to this 
>>> issue: I need npm for some things, but also php7.0-dev (which 
>>> depends on libssl-dev) for something else.
>> Please share what it is that - transitively or not but _concurrently_ 
>> - needs both libssl-dev.
> A system with (build) dependencies for multiple packages installed.

Thanks for clarifying that the issue is *not* impossibility of building 
a package, but annoyance of wanting a single unified development 
environment (which is nice but not promised by Debian nor this package).

I will leave it to others to deal further with this bugreport.

 - Jonas

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