On ശനി 04 ഫെബ്രുവരി 2017 01:48 വൈകു, Siddhesh Rane wrote:
> Hi Praveen,
> I removed the line from changelog

Uploaded, thanks. Please import your repo to alioth. Request membership
to pkg-javascript project.

> As for pristine-tar I was confused between orig and dfsg_orig, because
> the latter is actually a modification that I made (It doesnt contain
> minified files) and hence is technically not 'pristine'. I did
> pristine-tar commit again and pushed to gitlab. The pristine-tar
> branch now contains files for both orig as well as the dfsg variant.

+dfsg is the indication that you have changed something.

pristine-tar has a different meaning, it allows anyone to recreate the
exact same orig tarball (pristine) from upstream branch. If you don't
use pristine-tar branch someone else generating the orig tarball may get
a different tar file (checksums don't match, I think its caused by
difference in newlines or something). See

> Should I keep both or remove the orig?

You can keep them.

> Regards
> Siddhesh Rane

PS: Its better to avoid top posting in mailing lists. See

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