Ravishankar Purne <ravismai...@gmail.com> writes:

>   Description     : The [os](https://nodejs.org/api/os.html) module from
> node.js, but for browsers.

This is not a suitable noun phrase describing the package. Also, there
is no longer description to give enough information to the reader.

When writing the ITP, you are communicating to the Debian Project.
Please take the time to write a proper package description. See the
Debian Developer's Reference, §6.2.1 – 6.2.3.

Please note that it is often a mistake to copy the text from the
upstream work. Write the description of the Debian package to meet
Debian's guidelines.

Ravishankar, please don't file any more ITPs unless you know the work
well enough to write a Debian package description for it. If you can't
write your own description of the work to explain it, you probably are
not ready to begin packaging it.

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