Package: npm2deb
Version: 0.2.6-1
Severity: normal
Tags: patch

The ‘npm2deb’ tool can automatically generate an ITP report. One field
that it automatically generates is the package description.

This unfortunately makes it very easy to submit *bad* ITP reports,
with package descriptions that are quite unsuitable for Debian ITPs.

Please make the ITP template produce a document that strongly
encourages the maintainer to manually edit the description, to meet
Developer's Reference guidelines in §6.2.1 – §6.2.3.

Attached is my suggested patch for this.

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Ben Finney <>
diff --git i/npm2deb/ w/npm2deb/
index 9bda4ee3..a3a06f7a 100644
--- i/npm2deb/
+++ w/npm2deb/
@@ -78,9 +78,18 @@ X-Debbugs-CC:
 * URL             : %(homepage)s
 * License         : %(license)s
   Programming Lang: JavaScript
-  Description     : %(description)s
+  Description     : FIX_ME write the Debian package description
- FIX_ME bug long description
+ FIX_ME: Write the description for the Debian package according to the
+ Developer's Reference, §6.2.1 – §6.2.3.
+ .
+ This ITP report should not be submitted until you are confident the
+ package description is ready for Debian.
+ .
+ You can start with the upstream package description,
+ “%(description)s”.
+ Be aware that many upstream package descriptions do not meet
+ Debian package guidelines.
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