This is interesting.

Should we also keep those useless node-* packages out of stretch ?

Note: useless until the actual package we need is packaged (be it browserify, 
yarnpkg ...).


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Hi folks,

We didn't manage to get LXD into the archive in time for the freeze.

We packaged the following specifically as LXD dependencies which did go in:

 (possibly others, hit-list was at

IMHO, and at least for the ones I did, I think we should file RC bugs to
prevent these packages from going into stretch. They should stay in the
archive/sid, for continued work on LXD, but I don't think that they are
valuable on their own in the next release: it's just stuff that people
might try to use that isn't being looked after properly (since the reason
for them being there does not exist), taking up archive space and apt
metadata space, etc.


Jonathan Dowland

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