> > (But this is 4.0.11, not 4.0.4, in theory what Release Managers will
> > allow in stretch is a version 4.0.4-2 fixing this bug).
> Hmmm... would it be enough to tinker with the changelog's declared
> version to fall back?
> > (If don't find a sponsor, I could sponsor this).
> "who-permits-upload acorn" says I should be able to do that. Will I have
> to poke the Release Managers about it or will the fact it closes a big
> bug be enough?

The problem is that we are in a freeze and we are not supposed to
upload new upstream releases.

So, what you can do to be sure is to ask for permission first.

File a bug against release.debian.org containing the debdiff between
4.0.4 and 4.0.11 and explain why you think this will be better than
just 4.0.4 with the fix for this bug.


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