2017-03-17 11:22 GMT+01:00 Jonas Smedegaard <jo...@jones.dk>:

> How about fresh install of _Debian_ wheezy (not Emdebian wheezy)?

That's my main problem:
I am unable to install wheezy or jessie, passing all tests supplied with
the source package!

I was trying to stress that on my initial post, only writing the initial
intent for better understanding.
Before I try to find the best solution for me, I'm looking for a way to
install something, that passes the build-tests on my platform.

I tried wheezy and jessie with their appropriate nodejs source, both failed
several tests.
I repeated at least the jessie test on armhf platform, which also failed.
So it would be nice to find someone that is able to pass all 'test-simple'
targets on any platform (i386, amd64, armel, armhf), to have a valid
starting point for me. (I didn't try the Intel platforms so far, but assume
they fail as well)

After finding a solid (wheezy or jessie) base, I might continue to port
that to libssl1.0.2 or to static link to libssl1.0.1 - that's why I asked
for a guide for static linking to openssl.

Would it be an option for you to backport those parts (as opposed to
> forward-port Nodejs which I fear is quite more complex)?

Again, for now nodejs tests seem to fail on older releases too.

Raspberry Pi is arguably _popular_ but certainly not a standard.

Sorry for that - I definitely meant "popular", which is a great advantage
searching for solutions...

Depending on your needs (is brand recognition a need for you?), I
> recommend you to consider the OSHW boards from Olimex.

I'm fine with everything that does not cost to much and is easy to purchase.
Is anyone able to pass all nodejs build tests on that platform?

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