This is easy to reproduce on stretch from the root of a source package against 
the currently installed package.

Just make sure the tmp directory created during the build process is not 
  make -f debian/rules clean

or just:
  rm -rf tmp

then run the tests in the local environment (that's the easiest path as per
  adt-run --output-dir /tmp/output-dir ./ --- null

The reason for the failure is that when tests are run during the build process, 
they are run via the debian/rules override_dh_clean which does:
  rm -rf tmp
  mkdir -p tmp
  grunt copy

whereas when they are run by adt-run and hence by debci the tests run as 
declared in debian/tests/control per DEP-8 spec, i.e. by running nodeunit 

Interestingly this package has no Testsuite: autopkgtest or XS-Testsuite: 
autopkgtest entries in the source stanza in debian/control, but debci runs the 
tests anyway.

A fix is to make both tests run via the supplied ./debian/tests/run_tests 

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