Relatively recently I became the primary maintainer of the pump.io
project and I just wanted to reach out and say hi!

I know there was [an effort][1] to package pump.io for Debian a while
back, though it seems to have stalled out. I just wanted to say that
we're very interested in getting pump.io into Debian - with the
upcoming 4.0.0 release the codebase will finally(!) in a state where
I'd feel comfortable about okaying it being frozen long-term.

If anyone is interested in restarting this effort, please feel free to
reach out to me! I'd be happy to consider upstream changes or offer
advice to make this (and npm packaging in general) easier. I can't
guarantee anything but we would also consider committing to long-term
security support for whatever release gets packaged for Debian.

As a side note, it would be great to be in the loop if this does end
up happening - from looking at [1] I see some things that would end
disastrously. For example, that page was tracking packaging a pump.io
version that used Express 2.x, but it seems that the plan was to
depend on Express 4.x packages? (Correct me if I'm wrong, obviously.)
Trying to do so would be a very bad idea - that upgrade took _months_
of work upstream and hundreds of commits, which is obviously untenable
for downstream packagers to maintain.

Anyway! Just wanted to say hi and that I hope to work with you all at
some point in the future.



 [1]: https://wiki.debian.org/Javascript/Nodejs/Tasks/Pump.io

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