On തിങ്കള്‍ 08 മെയ് 2017 02:16 രാവിലെ, Chris Lamb wrote:
> Pirate Praveen wrote:
>> On തിങ്കള്‍ 08 മെയ് 2017 12:30 രാവിലെ, Chris Lamb wrote:
>>> lib/LICENSE-jsbn seems to refer to other stuff. please clarify in 
>>> debian/copyright
> [..]
>> What clarification should be added to debian/copyright?
> Well, "node-jsbn already has the correct copyright notice. This
> library is only linking to jsbn and not embedding it."
> ie. exactly your own justification that it is not an issue  :)

I have added lib/LICENSE-jsbn to copyright with this comment.

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