On 19.05.2017 04:13, James Lu wrote:

> In 2012, the decision was made to rename Node.js' "node" name to
> nodejs-legacy, and transition the existing "node" package to ax25-node.
> However, ax25-node (and the "node" package following) were removed in
> 2015 citing lack of activity:

As already mentioned, I'm completely against that. Both packages had
a really bad naming decision. The fact that ax25-node just fallen out
of the official repos (lots of people still use it), shouldn't serve
as excuse for reintroducing that bad naming again.

> Thus, would it be possible to revert the original decision, and rename
> nodejs back to node in the next Debian release? 

Would break lots of debianized js stuff. You're proprosing a huge
breaking change.

> Doing so would make working with JavaScript programs outside of
> Debian a lot easier, as projects tend to hardcode the "node"
> interpreter name.

Hardcoding the interpreter is a very bad coding style. The correct way
is letting npm fill in the right (build env given) command. I've already
submitted patches to upstream - let's see what they do about that.


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