Hi Mònica

On 20-05-17 12:35, Mònica Ramírez Arceda wrote:
> I've just submitted a RFP bug for slick (a jquery plugin)[0]. I've
> seen that some jquery plugins are packaged as standalone packages and
> some are inside jquery-goodies package.


> I may try to package slick but I'm not sure if you have a policy that
> helps me to decide if slick should be inside jquery-goodies or not.

I advise you to package it stand-alone. In hindsight I don't think
bundling source is a great idea¹². I am in the process of packaging one
of the jquery-goodies packages separately (currently waiting in the NEW


¹ version numbers don't match with upstream
² all kind of meta data doesn't work (like d/watch, homepage)

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