2017-06-13 10:11 GMT+02:00 Alexandre Rossi <alexandre.ro...@gmail.com>:

> Hi,
> Any status update on this? Did the effort trying to release with
> embedded deps hit a wall? How can I help?
Right now npm 5 depends indirectly on both "request" and "got" modules,
which are doing exactly the same thing. Maintaining this requires an amount
of forgiveness i don't have right now.

Anyway here's what you would want to do:
- start from an empty debian/copyright file (to avoid old dfsg repackagings)
- import new upstream tarball
- populate debian/copyright (including everything in node_modules as well),
it shouldn't be that difficult.

With this approach the only maintenance burden will be to update
Next step will be up to ftpmasters to decide if it's okay to bundle
everything in
that particular case.

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