Quoting Jonas Smedegaard (2017-07-05 17:46:19)
> Quoting Johannes Schauer (2017-07-05 17:15:46)
> > Standards-Version 3.9.8 is outdated. npm2deb should generate version 
> > 4.0.0 instead.
> Just to avoid misunderstanding: Standards-Version should *only* be changed as
> a *result* of verifying that said the package comply with said version of
> Debian Policy.
> > The current recommended compat level for debhelper is 10. npm2deb 
> > should use that one instead of compat level 9.
> Please bump debhelper compatibility level only when really needed, to help
> ease backportability (to _any_ environment, not only backport.debian.org).

Maybe I misunderstand but this bug report is not about "changing" or "bumping"

Since npm2deb creates the *initial* Debian packaging, the situation where we
start with a lower Standards-Version and then have to verify changes before we
can "bump" the Standards-Version doesn't arise.

Furthermore, I'd argue that any tool which auto-generates Debian packaging data
should use the current and/or recommended packaging practices. According to the
debhelper man page, compatibility level 10 is the "recommended mode of


cheers, josch

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