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On Wed, 05 Jul 2017 17:12:32 +0200 Johannes Schauer <>
> Currently, npm2deb puts lots of files into debian/install including
> files which definitely do not belong into /usr/lib/nodejs/*/ like:
> Hidden files like .travis.yml, .gitattribute, .npmignore, .jshintrc as
> well as files that clearly belong to /usr/share/doc/*/ like
>, or Also certain buildsystem specific
> files could be excluded like gulpfile.js, karma.conf.js, Gruntfile.js or
> bower.json.
> There are probably many more files that always have the same name but
> should never be shipped inside /usr/share/doc/*/ or at all.

This is a regression introduced in 0.2.7, previous versions did not have
this behavior. I think only *.js and *.json files should be included by

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