On 16/08/17 10:22, Jérémy Lal wrote:
> 2017-08-16 9:08 GMT+02:00 Ross Gammon <javascr...@the-gammons.net
> <mailto:javascr...@the-gammons.net>>:
>     On 08/01/2017 09:14 AM, Jérémy Lal wrote:
>>     2017-08-01 7:59 GMT+02:00 Ross Gammon <javascr...@the-gammons.net
>>     <mailto:javascr...@the-gammons.net>>:
>>         On 07/31/2017 08:05 PM, Jérémy Lal wrote:
>>>         Hi team,
>>>         2017-07-31 19:17 GMT+02:00 Tollef Fog Heen
>>>         <tfh...@debian.org <mailto:tfh...@debian.org>>:
>>>             The technical committee was asked in bug #862051 to
>>>             revisit the decision in
>>>             bug #614907 (conflict between the ax25-node package and
>>>             the nodejs package).
>>>             === Resolution ===
>>>             The Technical Committee recognises that circumstances
>>>             change in ways
>>>             that make previous resolutions no longer appropriate. 
>>>             In 2012, it was
>>>             resolved that the nodejs package should not provide
>>>             /usr/bin/node due to
>>>             the historical conflict with the ax25-node package. 
>>>             Node.js is still
>>>             quite popular and the ax25-node package is no longer in
>>>             stable, testing
>>>             or unstable so the requirement for nodejs to not provide
>>>             /usr/bin/node
>>>             no longer applies.
>>>             The Committee therefore resolves that:
>>>             1. The CTTE decision from 2012-07-12 in bug #614907 is
>>>             repealed.
>>>             This means Debian's normal policies and practices take
>>>             over and the
>>>             nodejs package is free to provide /usr/bin/node.  The
>>>             migration should
>>>             be managed according to Debian's usual
>>>             backwards-compatibility
>>>             arrangements.
>>>             === End Resolution ===
>>>             Please see http://bugs.debian.org/862051 for discussion
>>>             of this bug.
>>>         Next time i'll upload nodejs, it will be with /usr/bin/node
>>>         and /usr/bin/nodejs.
>>>         After that, please stop patching modules shebangs.
>>>         I suspect it is a bad idea to keep /usr/bin/nodejs forever,
>>>         so hopefully it will
>>>         be possible to remove it before buster.
>>>         Regards,
>>>         Jérémy.
>>         Once that is done, I will tweak
>>         https://wiki.debian.org/Javascript/Nodejs/Manual
>>         <https://wiki.debian.org/Javascript/Nodejs/Manual> and
>>         https://wiki.debian.org/Javascript/Nodejs
>>         <https://wiki.debian.org/Javascript/Nodejs> for new team
>>         members if you like.
>>         Should we eventually add something to the buster release
>>         notes to warn those users/developers that might have been
>>         unaware of nodejs-legacy, and developed their own stuff using
>>         /usr/bin/nodejs? Or is that likely to be a rare situation?
>>     I suppose it's important enough to, yes.
>>     Jérémy
> What's "done" exactly ? The wiki changes ?

Sorry - yes, just the wiki changes.

>     Done - please double check someone!
>     Where are we with npm2deb. Should I submit a bug, or has it
>     already been fixed? Sorry - I am suck on Stretch on my laptop
>     (waiting for more time), so I do lots of manual fixing when
>     working on a new package ATM.
> Was npm2deb rewriting shebang ?

No. But maybe I went too far with the wiki update, as I also renamed the
library install paths (as well as the binary path), and npm2deb would
also need to update the paths in the debian/install files. I can drop
that part of the change. In any case  I think npm2deb would need to
adjust the path to the binary in debian/dirs and debian/install (and/or

> There is no particular urge in dropping /usr/bin/nodejs, though it
> would be nice to get there for Buster.
>     Backports - It struck me when doing the updates to the wiki that
>     we might need a versioned depends on nodejs [Build-Depends: nodejs
>     (>= 4.8.3~dfsg-1~) to make it clear for people (like Andreas
>     Tille) that might want to start backporting node stuff to stretch.
>     Otherwise they will need to add back the patches to make things work.
> Right now, to my knowledge, it's only version 6.11.2~dfsg-2 in
> unstable that installs /usr/bin/node.

Sorry again, I misread a changelog entry. Should have dug deeper.

>     Also I note on the wiki that the "nodejs-abi" might become a
>     mandatory goal for Stretch! Where did we get with that? Should we
>     make it mandatory for Buster?
> This should be mandatory for nodejs c++ addons, though there are not
> plenty of them and it's really easy to fix using the dh helper.
> Other pure javascript libraries should not be concerned.

I will add that it is now mandatory on the wiki.

Should I leave the /lib install paths as they were? I suppose that is
better as they match the package name (nodejs), and means less changes
to existing packages.


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