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> On 14-08-17 20:38, Hubert Chathi wrote:
> > At the BoF at DebConf, we were talking about parallel installation 
> > of different versions of JS libraries.  In order to do parallel 
> > installation, we'd need differently named packages for different 
> > versions, and it seems like the obvious way to do that is to have 
> > packages called something like libjs-fooVER and node-fooVER, where 
> > VER some sort of the API version, similar to the way that C/C++ 
> > library packages are named after the library SONAME.  If upstream 
> > follows semver properly, then VER would be the major version number.
> This sounds like a reasonable approach,

I agree above sounds sensible.

> but what I am missing is a recommendation on what to do to keep the 
> number of packages limited. I think it is not such a great idea to 
> replace one problem (not the right version) with another one (too many 
> packages to support).
> One approach could be for example the following. Try to have only two 
> versions per release, but really limit the number to a maximum of 3.

I see no need for a team policy specifically for parallel versions of 
same project: Some libraries may have 4 well-maintained concurrent 
releases, whereas others may have *zero* well-maintained releases.

We need to ensure that our packages are properly *maintained*. Period.

If an upstream project releases foo1 and foo2 and foo3, and other 
packages depend on all three, then that is fine if all three are 
properly maintained - both upstream and in Debian.

If an upstream project releases foo1 and only that one which other 
packages depend on, then that is bad if that that one is poorly 
maintained - either upstream and in Debian.

I believe we cannot make a simple rule like "only 2 parallel releases", 
but I believe we can easier identify potential problems if we have a 
policy on "at least two team members must care specifically", as is 
practiced in the Multimedia team.

 - Jonas

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