Source: nodejs
Version: 6.11.2~dfsg-3
Followup-For: Bug #855259

FTR, I'm seeing inappropriate use of the flags -m32, -msse2,
-mfpmath=sse, and -mmmx by the embedded copy of libv8 on alpha, hppa,
and sparc64.  None of these are release architectures, and if
supporting them is infeasible, so be it.  However, in that case, I
would encourage you to restrict nodejs's Architecture field so that
these architectures' autobuilders don't bother trying to build nodejs
or even install its build dependencies.

For that matter, per Policy 4.13, you really ought to use a separately
packaged build of libv8 if at all possible.  However, I see that the
latest packaged version is pretty old -- vs. nodejs's
embedded 5.1.281.


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