As I'm in the process of packaging gitlab's front end dependencies (they
moved to npm/yarn for front end dependency management, along with
webpack for 9.x series. Earlier it used to be via ruby gem wrappers like

First step I'm aiming to complete installation using npm and upload to
contrib and when all dependencies are packaged, move it to main. I have
created a task page for tracking progress at
https://wiki.debian.org/Javascript/Nodejs/Tasks/gitlab (any help with
those are welcome, especially since debian will be using gitlab for its
git hosting now. alioth admins chose upstream omnibus packages because
debian native packages are not updated.)

But I'd like some help with running webpack using npm installed
dependencies. Details here

You can reproduce this error by installing gitlab from
https://people.debian.org/~praveen/gitlab (some dependencies are still
in NEW)


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