2017-08-31 19:08 GMT+02:00 Sam Hartman <hartm...@debian.org>:

> >>>>> "Dominique" == Dominique Dumont <d...@debian.org> writes:
>     Dominique> On Thursday, 31 August 2017 13:58:23 CEST Thorsten Glaser
> wrote:
>     >> > How about printing a "nice" warning explaining it would be a
>     >> good idea to > move to /usr/bin/node ?
>     >>
>     >> That will break scripts that do:
>     >>
>     >> x=$(nodejs somescript)
>     Dominique> This kind of script won't break if the deprecation
>     Dominique> warning is sent to STDERR
> Sigh.
> I wish I had seen your message before your earlier reply.
> This breaks too in more complex situations involving ssh, things like
> expect scripts and the like.
> There are cases where people mix stderr and stdout.  There are cases
> where people treat any unexpected output on stderr as a failure in
> automated scripts.
> The next level you can look at is considering whether /dev/stdin in a
> tty and printing the warning to either stderr or /dev/tty only in that
> case.
> And that will reduce the breakage but not remove it.
> And yes, when you actually have something it's important to deprecate,
> accepting some level of breakage and adopting one of those strategies is
> the right thing.
> It's just not worth it in this case.
> People who use more than Debian are very quickly going to learn that
> /usr/bin/node is preferred to /usr/bin/nodejs.
> As several people have already pointed out we've far exceeded the amount
> of effort in considering whether to deprecate or remove the link that
> will be spent maintaining the link until the end of time.
> In one sense we've already lost:-)

So, a short NEWS entry explaining /usr/bin/node is now available by default,
and that /usr/bin/nodejs will stay available indefinitely ?
Or even nothing and just a changelog entry ?

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