Jérémy Lal <kapo...@melix.org> writes:

> 2017-09-03 7:24 GMT+02:00 Ben Finney <bign...@debian.org>:
> > Yes, I am looking for a general way to turn an HTML-page app into a
> > stand-alone desktop app. That does mean no location bar, no tabs, no
> > history navigation, etc.; just rendering the one HTML page with its
> > JavaScript and other resources.
> i'd rely on epiphany-browser for that kind of job. […]
> Anyway, to get started, you can open epiphany-browser (a.k.a. "Web"),
> go to local file url, and from sandwich menu choose "install site as
> application". You'll find the .desktop file in
> ~/.local/share/applications. epiphany also has probably a command-line
> switch to enable XHR from file:// url.

That is very close to what I want, thank you.

Now I need a way to go from the bundle of files that Epiphany creates,
to something I can turn into a Debian package for general installation.

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